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to improve your life physically, mentally, emotionally, & spiritually


Dancing Dolphin Essence Aromatherapy Roll-On
Dancing Dolphin Flower & Gem Essences & Aromatherapy Roll-Ons - Immerse Yourself in an Ocean of Tranquility. When you feel one way and you would rather feel another, just roll one on and feel the difference - by Debbie "Takara" Shelor


Xooma Xtreme X2O Water Enhancement
Xooma Extreme X20 - provides the very foundations for good health - hydrates, mineralizes, alkalinizes in one easy, affordable, and effective water enhancement product


BioElectric Shield for electromagnetic protection
The BioElectric Shield
Electromagnetic Radiation Protection. Protects and strengthens your energy field. A must have for negative energy protection. Perfect for those who spend time near computers, cell phones or negative people.

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Meditation Book Peering Through the Veil
Magnificent U
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Dolphin Empowerment
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Absolute Joy Now

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If Today's Economy, Pressure,
Schedules, and Lifestyle Have You
Overwhelmed with Stress, Then You've
Come To the Perfect Place to get a
Completely New Perspective - Literally
a Breath of Fresh Air.

Spirit of Nature is your ultimate source for personal & spiritual growth, destination travel to unwind and de-stress, tools & technologies to make your life work, energy & vibrational healing, electromagnetic radiation protection with the BioElectric Shield, ways to develop your psychic ability and protect yourself against negative energy, plus numerous ways to eliminate stress and live in joy. We offer insight, inspiration, motivation, spirituality, shamanism, happiness, self help, free articles, & more - Home of the eNewsletter Here's to Your Magnificence with Debbie "Takara" Shelor

Let Takara help you experience greater passion, purpose, love, health, freedom, fulfillment, and joy. If you are tired of dealing with stress, difficult people and situations, and you are ready to lead a more fulfilling and inspired life, then you will absolutely fall in love with Debbie "Takara" Shelor's products and programs!

It's time to chill out, de-stress, take a deep breath and calm down. It's time to re-focus and re-discover what really matters to you. It's time to re-member who you truly are.

  • What brings you joy?
  • What makes you happy?
  • What causes you to feel fulfilled?


My name is Takara and I'm here to help you rediscover those things and to incorporate them back into your life - leaving stress and worry far behind.

I've been where you are . . . and lived to tell the tale!

Stress was destroying every aspect of my life: my health, my happiness, my love life . . . everything!

So I dropped out in order to walk a different path ~ a more spiritual, Divine journey.

I discovered that there are ways to change, grow and evolve, find joy, peace, a sense of purpose, and fulfillment without having to leave the comfort and security of your current life.

I dropped out, so you don't have to.

After years of healing my own wounds, receiving information and technologies directly from Source on how to help myself and others, working with countless individuals and groups, I can now help you using a myriad of unique and effective methods all developed with you in mind.

I'll share with you funny stories that help you to see your own circumstance with much more humor.

I'll tell you about the numerous ways in which I've "been where you are now" and lived to tell the tale.

Life has a way of throwing you a curve ball every now and then. How you deal with it will make or break your health, your happiness, your relationships, and your future.

Isn't it about time to learn how to deal with life in a way that ends the struggle?


Are you ready to start embracing the changes that will bring you more happiness, deeper relationships, and more fulfillment?

Then start by getting the Magnificent U Starter Kit. You get it free when you subscribe to my newsletter - Here's to Your Magnificence - now read by thousands of people in over 100 countries around the globe.

Your Information Will Never Be Shared or Sold!

". . . You helped me Empower my life. For this I will be eternally grateful."
- James Jeffrey, San Clemente, CA


Are you Looking for Help?

With anything?

It could be help with:

  • health & wellness,
  • finances & money,
  • love & romance,
  • happiness,
  • career,
  • friendship,
  • your artistic expression,
  • a pesky boss, co-worker, relative, or someone else,
  • your life's purpose,
  • feeling more fulfilled,
  • moving beyond fear,
  • healing traumas and pain from the past,
  • feeling good about yourself,
  • growing personally & spiritually,
  • making decisions, or
  • something else.

Regardless of what "it" is that you feel you need help with, you are at the perfect place to finally receive what you have been longing for.


I help people.

I've been helping people my entire life. I help people eliminate fear, worry, & stress, find more joy and fulfillment, as well as smile and laugh more often. I've been studying, teaching, and facilitating personal growth, spiritual growth, and energy healing since 1993.

You see I crashed and burned from corporate stress as an Industrial Engineer . . . and I lived to tell the tale. NowI help other people handle stress from their careers, their relationships, their health, their finances, and more. I give them tools, techniques, and ways of looking at people and situations that help them to relax, take better care of themselves, make better choices in every area of life, and experience more joy, passion, and purpose. I'm sure I have numerous tools, techiques, and insights that can help you too!

I am dedicated to finding and sharing ways to make life:

  • easier,
  • simpler,
  • more fulfilling,
  • more enjoyable, and
  • less of a struggle.


A few of the ways I can help you:

  • My bestselling book, Peering Through the Veil, that teaches you a myriad of ways to meditate, resulting in improvements in every area of life: health, wealth, love, happiness, and more.
  • The Dancing Dolphin Flower & Gem Essences & Aromatherapy Roll-Ons that I create to assist you in almost every life situation - instantly shift out of stress into inner peace, eliminate pain, chill out when angry, and much more.,
  • Long Distance Energy Healing sessions in which I personally send you Divine Light and dolphin healing energy to assist in any area you need support and help with,
  • My #1 bestseller, Dolphins & Whales Forever, that helps you create a deeper understanding and connection with dolphins and whales and the healing power they share.
  • My latest book, The Dancing Dolphin Way of Pendulum Dowsing, to help you not only learn to dowse for Divine direction, but to fine-tune and enhance your intuition as well.
  • My free monthly newsletter, Here's to Your Magnificence, chock full of information designed to help you with that list at the top of this page ,
  • The hundreds of information packed free articles I've written that you can enjoy here at Spirit of Nature and on my various other websites,
  • Plus audio's, videos, events and more all geared toward helping you find the answers you are seeking in life.
  • "On a day where I have been receiving just the right messages at the right time (you know the ones I mean, like the ones from you, The Universe etc) I want to express my gratitude to you. You know, I can’t even remember how I got to your site and what gave the honour to receive your wonderful dolphin energy regularly…. But I surely am grateful for it. ... Thank you, Takara."
    - Barbara, New Zealand,


I have asked the Universe to bring to my websites only the people I can truly help.

So. . . Welcome Dear Friend.

May you be blessed by these words and may your life change for the better! May you find happiness, peace, health, love, happiness, and everything else your heart truly desires.

Here's to Your Magnificence,


Here at Spirit of Nature, you'll find:

In Pursuit of the Spiritual: Why We All Have to be a Spiritual Warrior - To accomplish anything requires dedication, determination, and commitment. The spiritual journey is no exception. Compare the quest for enlightenment to the Ironman competition.

The Healing Power of Shamanism - Discover how shamanism works and how it complements Western Medicine in the healing process.

What is Vibrational Healing & Energy Medicine? - A comprehensive article by Debbie "Takara" Shelor describing what Vibrational Healing is and how it works. Includes information about various forms of energy medicine including aromatherapy, flower essences, tai chi, hands on healing and more.

Negative Energy Protection - Practical Energy Healing Tools for Everyday Life - Discover varoius ways to provide negative energy protection at home and anywhere else that you need it.

What Others Have to Say About Their Experience with Takara & Spirit of Nature

Access to hundreds of my Free Articles on Vibrational Healing, Personal & Spiritual Growth, Self Help, Joy, Eliminating Stress, and more in the Free Articles Archive


Get Your Free Magnificent U Starter Kit Here ...

"Achieve the life you desire full of joy, health, prosperity, love, and a sense of fulfillment while enhancing your Divine connection!"
Magnificent U Starter Kit

The Magnificent U Starter Kit with 7 Secrets to Dancing Through Life EmPOWERed, EnRICHed, and EnJOY!; Dancing With Dolphins; and Life Works When You Are Happy, It Sucks When You Are Not by bestselling author, Debbie Takara Shelor.

Magnificent U Starter Kit by Takara

In this special Kit, you will discover:

  • What it really takes to achieve everything you ever wanted in life and how most programs have you focusing on the wrong things,
  • The most important changes you need to make in order to be healthier, happier, and more at peace,
  • Ways to connect deeply with dolphins and their healing power,
  • The steps necessary to achieve personal magnificence,
  • A joy-filled roadmap for personal transformation, and
  • So much more!

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